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Custom Programs

Looking for something more personalized than group fitness, but not quite ready for
one-on-one personal training? Check out the options below for custom training websites: 

Personalized Training Website

A Four-Week training plan customized to your schedule and goals with videos to walk you through each workout. Check it out here:

Company & Studio
Master Classes

Want to bring Kiley’s expertise right into the studio? Kiley teaches a variety of styles including but not limited to: Dance Injury Prevention & Conditioning, Heels conditioning & choreography, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Jazz, etc.

Kiley has worked with a range of students from young, recreational dancers to the adult professionals. Master classes can be taught in-person or virtually.

What My Clients Say

On "Back to the Studio"

"I just started watching the Back to the Studio class. I LOVE it and I can't wait to buy some of the others. Seriously, you're amazing. I signed up this morning not planning to do it until this afternoon. But I watched the first bit and I had to get out of bed at 5:00 am and start doing it!"

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